The Plurilingualism Research Unit was founded in 2009 at treffpunkt sprachen - Centre for Language, Plurilingualism and Didactics. Since winter term 2010/11 the Plurilingualism Reserach Unit has initiated concrete research initiatives.

The team of the Plurilingualism Research Unit consists of a small permanent core group of staff - manager, deputy manger (50%), secretary (50%), PhD student (50%) - and changing personnel: student assistents, project co-workers and marginal employees.

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treffpunkt sprachen
Plurilingualism Research Unit

Karl-Franzens-University Graz
Johann-Fux-Gasse 30
8010 Graz

Telephone: 0043 (0)316 380-2429
Email: pluriling@uni-graz.at
Web: http://pluriling.uni-graz.at

Library Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday 9.00 - 14.00



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