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Plurilingualism Research Unit

The ideological basis of the research unit is a policy of diversity as a requirement for ensuring equal opportunities and human rights as outlined among others in Charles Taylor's "Multiculturalism and the Politics of Recognition".[1]

Just as multiculturalism ensures socio-cultural diversity, plurilingualism embodies the appropriate concept ensuring individual, linguistic diversity – one of the bases of any multicultural society.

The research unit's focus is based on the sociolinguistic research field founded by Norman Denison at the University of Graz, which considers language to be an open, dynamic system consisting of subsystems or varieties with the same characteristics: The sum of the varieties used by a speaker or a community of speakers is the respective individual or collective repertoire. This reflects the specific socio-cultural situation of its users including the resulting socio-political and socio-economic implications.

Multiculturalism and the politics of

  • Cultural diversity is a reality,
    multiculturalism is the adequate political
    concept allowing for individual plurality.
  • In this context, multiculturalism must not be equated with "multiculti" and similar naïve functionalisations of cultural diversity.
    It is much more the ideology and policy of diversity which is based on the mutual respect between groups of differing socio-cultural backgrounds.
  • Hence, multiculturalism symbolises cultural freedom and is of no intrinsic value, but a means guaranteeing each individual the freedom of choice with regard to their socio-cultural affiliation.

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